I took some courses on how to improve my focus and time management. But after 3 years of learnings i can say that is all about having good habits. Example

1- i dont have a TV at home

2-i dont use phone during my resting day... sundays

3-i dont use the phone in the table

4-i disabled absolutely ALL notifications except messages from my family (some members not all)

5-I set my phone in flight mode after 10:00PM

6-I have hobbies

7-I dont look at emails nor work on the weekend

8-I have a good professional position, I already feel satisfied and fulfilled

9-I go to sleep and wake up at the same time every single day for the past 6 months

10-I enjoy little things: walks, doing groceries, listening to people. Chilling, going out.

Nothing is an emergency and based on my beliefs dying is not a bad thing is a great new step in life. So i really have nothing to be worried about.

Life is good. A lot of people disagree with my approach but I tell you something: I am happy and my family is happy. Why should I mind what strangers think???

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