The Greek and the Hebraic thought models… A reflection from a Christian who loves Jesus and has a passion for science.

I prayed that God would help me understand the concepts of a video. I completed a lab from A Cloud Guru on Jenkins CI builds and started writing this post…

I will give you a short description of this post:

  • Excerpt from my daily devotional about greek vs Hebraic thinking
  • My short understanding of these thought models
  • I will finalize encouraging people to live an abundant life
Religion News
Religion News
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Block Logic
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman

i love your article. I opened all the tools in new tabs. Then when i came to the end of your article i was like "ohh :-| "

thanks again

thank you for sharing. I installed 12 of the extensions you recommended. Thanks a lot.

bless you

keep writing. Good content. Good meta-learning. I think you are a sofware engineer already. The learning never ends :-)

i loved the article. Simple, precise, effective. Thanks for writing.

great article. My lesson learnt was to lock terraform providers and modules to a specific version to avoid unwanted strange changes.

using always the latest version can break things.

The docker provider needs extra work.

I love terraform cloud as well.

Sadly, adding extra parts such as terratest will make the deployment more complex and the system too

thank you. Something useful and quick.

imho is so pathetic we need to do this as users. I had to modify /etc/hosts in WSL to create a .local record to the Elastic Load Balancers IP for the git repo application.

is a quick fix. Awful how Micro$oft deals with the DNS.

very interesting post. i was playing around with the metadata of my goPro Hero 8.

I have a little challenge for you to automate this a bit.

is called docker-compose multi build stages.

it will help you automate ton of these steps.

literally you would only have to do this in the end


docker-compose run -d


aleonrangel Andres Leon Rangel Servant of God serving as a DevOps Engineer

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