i loved the article. Simple, precise, effective. Thanks for writing.

great article. My lesson learnt was to lock terraform providers and modules to a specific version to avoid unwanted strange changes.

thank you. Something useful and quick.

imho is so pathetic we need to do this as users. I had to modify /etc/hosts in WSL to create a .local record to the Elastic Load Balancers IP for the git repo application.

very interesting post. i was playing around with the metadata of my goPro Hero 8.

i understand your problem. I hope you learned your lesson and look at the AWS billing statement and your bank statement.

you lost me at alibaba cloud...

i work for a company that bought Terraform cloud access. I love it. It has some bits to improve but for general and advance use is awesome.

thanks for your findings. It would be nice that there is some improvements to the grammar in this post.

Andres “aleon1220” Leon Rangel

Servant of God serving as a DevOps Engineer

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